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Hong Kong Green Organisation

Organisations using Route 2 and  Route 3 shall complete this Application Form. 

Organisations that have automatically become eligible to be granted the title of HKGO through Route 1 but yet have not received the notification are encouraged to contact the HKGOC Technical Consultant to ensure the recognition to be awarded orderly and timely.

* Must be filled in.

Organisation Information

Name of Organisation (and functional unit, if applicable)
in English*:
in Chinese*:
Name of Contact
Person* :
Post :
Telephone* :
E-mail* :
Postal Address* :

Fulfillment of Criteria

Criterion 1
 (1) a valid Wastewi$e Certificate  
Membership no. :
Criterion 2
 (2a) a valid Energywi$e Certificate  
Membership no. :
 (2b) a valid Carbon Reduction Certificate  
Membership no. :
Criterion 3
 (3a) a valid IAQwi$e Certificate  
Membership no. :
 (3b) a valid Productwi$e Certificate  
Membership no. :
 (3c) a Participation Certificate of HKAEE  
Year of Participation :
 (3d) Completed the Stage of Detailed Assessment of HKGIA
Year of Participation :
 (3e) Signed Environment-related charters launched by HKSAR Government  (Please submit relevant supporting documents)
Name of signed Environment-related charters :
Criterion 4
 (4a) obtained ISO 14001 certificate  (^Please submit relevant supporting documents)
Expiry Date:
 (4b) Awarded the commedation of "Hong Kong - Guangdong Partner (Manufacturing)" of the Hong Kong-Guangdong Cleaner Production Partners Recognition Scheme  (Please submit relevant supporting documents)


I hereby declare that all the information given is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and agree that the decisions made by the organiser to award the Environmental Certificate(s) or not are final and binding.

Verify Code

Applicants should contact the HKGOC Technical Consultant (HKPC) at Tel: 2788 5903 if no acknowledgement of application has been received within 7 working days from the date of application.


All the information obtained from the applicant would be used for the HKGOC. Personal data (including contact details and other information) provided by you will be used for the purpose of the administration, evaluation and management of your application.

I object to the proposed use of my personal data in any other environmental activities arranged by HKGOC Technical Consultant (HKPC).



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