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Carbon Reduction Certificate

The Carbon Reduction Certificate is open to the following three types of organisations:

  • Type 1 – Residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings mainly of office-based nature and buildings of institutional purpose within Hong Kong ;
  • Type 2 – Office-based organisations/operational units within Hong Kong; and
  • Type 3 – Other non-industrial trades operated within Hong Kong.

* Must be filled in.

About Your Organisation

Name of Organisation
in English*:
in Chinese :
Building / Functional unit (if applicable) :
in English*:
in Chinese :
Telephone* :
Facsimile :
Business Address :
Website :
Eligible Entity* :
Type 1 Buildings (Please indicate the type of building)
  Commercial Buildings
Residential Buildings
Industrial Buildings mainly of office-based nature or for commercial purposes only
Composite Buildings comprising any two of the above three types
Buildings of Institutional Purposes
Type 2 Office-Based Organisation
Type 3 Other Non-Industrial Trades
(Please specify: )
Existing number of employees in Hong Kong, Mainland China
Hong Kong* :
Mainland China :
Overseas :

Qualified Service Provider

Name of Company :
Name of Contact Person :
Designation :
Telephone :
Facsimile :
E-mail :

Contact person and Affirmation

Name of Contact Person* :
Designation :
Telephone* :
Facsimile :
E-mail* :

Through What channel did you know this Scheme?
TV Newspaper
Internet Radio
Referral from other company
Seminars ( Please Specify Organised By : )
Others ( Please Specify: )

I hereby declare that all the information given is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Verify Code

Applicants should immediately call the HKGOC hotline Tel: 2788 5903 if no acknowledgement of application is received from the HKGOC Technical Consultant within 7 working days from the date of application.

All the information obtained from the organisations would be used for the Awards. Personal data (including contact details and other information) provided by you will be used for the purpose of the administration, evaluation and management of your application.

HKGOC Technical Consultant (HKPC) intends to use the personal data that you have provided to promote the latest development, consultancy services, events and training courses of HKPC. Should you find such use of your personal data not acceptable, please indicate your objection by ticking the box below.
I object to the proposed use of my personal data in any marketing activities arranged by HKGOC Technical Consultant (HKPC).


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