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Wastewi$e Certificate Process

Businesses /Organisations can join the Certificate all year round. Membership can last as long as businesses / organisations comply with the Wastewi$e Certificate requirements.  The following figure outlines the process workflow for Wastewi$e, Certificate. 

Wastewi$e Certificte Process Workflow

Application Form

To apply for the Wastewi$e Certificate, an organisation should complete and submit the Application Form in the Wastewi$e Certificate Guidebook or through the on-line application. Once the application has been processed, the applicant will receive an individual Wastewi$e Membership Number. This number will represent the organisation and will remain with the member for the duration of its participation in the Certificate, it will be used in all future correspondence between the member, the ECC and the Wastewi$e Adviser. Application to the Certificate is free of charge.

Initial Review

Initial Review will be scheduled with the first time participant to fully explain the aim and the process of the Certificate. Wastewi$e Advisor will assist the participant in pursuing various levels of the Certificate including providing advice of goal setting. 

Identification of Implemented measures

The participant is required to indicate waste reduction measures that it has already implemented in the Basic Level Measures Checklist (WW/02-B) to demonstrate the compliance with the Basic Level requirements. The process of selecting waste reduction measures should be completed within two months after the participant receives its Wastewi$e Membership Number or completes the previous implementation cycle.

Defining and Implementing Goals (for “Good” Level and “Excellence” Level of Wastewi$e Certificates only)

The participant should set and implement its improvement goals if it intends to attain the “Good” or “Excellence” Levels. All existing members can set their goals according to their experiences and needs. Advice from Certificate Adviser will also be given to assist the participant in setting goals to achieve Good or Excellence Levels if necessary. 

All goals are to be achieved within one year. The participant is encouraged to set more goals if it chooses to do so.  Once goals have been chosen by participant, the Goal Identification Form (WW/02-G/E) should be completed and sent to the Wastewi$e Adviser for onward submission to the ECC Secretariat. The process of confirming goals, completing the Goal Identification Form and sending should be completed within two months after the participant receives its Wastewi$e Membership Number or completes the previous implementation cycle. Wastewi$e members who fail to submit the Goal Identification Form to the Wastewi$e Adviser in time, their Wastewi$e membership status will be terminated. 

Verification and Reporting

The Wastewi$e Adviser will prepare an Assessment and Reporting Form (WW/03) to report the achievements that the participant made. The ECC Secretariat and Wastewi$e Adviser will jointly determine if the Basic Level requirements and/or the set goals for the “Good” or “Excellence” Levels have been achieved. The participant is required to provide information / evidence to demonstrate the compliance with the requirements of the target levels that it pursues.

An on-site visit will be scheduled and conducted by the Wastewi$e Adviser for all new participants to verify the implemented waste reduction measures and accomplished goals, whereas a random on-site visit will be arranged for all existing Certificate holders.  

Final Endorsement

Reports will be submitted to the ECC Secretariat for final endorsement.

Award of Certificate

Validity of Wastewi$e Certificate is one year from the date of Certificate accreditation, subject to renewal or advancement to higher Level(s). 

Granting of Wastewi$e Certificate to successful participants will take place quarterly.


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