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Wastewi$e Certificate


The Wastewi$e Certificate is established to encourage Hong Kong businesses / organisations in adopting measures to reduce the amount of waste generated within their establishments or generated through the services and products they provide and recognise the waste reduction efforts of those companies. 


The Wastewi$e Certificate comprises three key categories of measures that will benefit the environment.

Goal Category 1 - Waste Avoidance & Reduction Measures

Avoiding waste creation is one of the main activities that everyone can participate in to help improve Hong Kong’s waste situation. Waste avoidance mainly requires businesses / organisations to prevent/reduce their waste generation or reuse materials that are otherwise thrown away during their daily operations. For example, asking oneself should an item be thrown away or can it be used again. If everyone takes even one simple measure to reduce waste each day, substantial reduction in the amount that ends up in landfills can be obtained collectively.

Goal Category 2 - Collection & Recycling of Recyclable Materials

By recycling waste materials and turning them into other useable materials or products, the amount of waste materials that end up in landfills will be reduced. Everyone can help participate in waste recycling programmes within their workplaces. 

Goal Category 3 - Buy Recycled Products

Every product purchased by an establishment has the potential to end up as waste. The amount of waste generated can be reduced if decisions are made carefully during product procurement. For instances where there are different brands of the same type of product, those brands that are made of recycled materials should be purchased.

Levels of Wastewi$e Certificate:

Certificate Ranking Minimum Requirements
Basic Level
  • Achieved at least 50% of waste reduction measure requirements listed in WW/02-B. 
Good Level
  • Achieved Basic Level requirements; and
  • Having achieved at least 3 new goals per year covering at least 2 Goal Categories.
Excellence Level
  • Achieved Basic Level requirements; and
  • Accumulation of 9 goals or more covering at least 2 Goal Categories; or
  • For renewal of Excellence Level, applicants should have achieved at least 1 new goal in each subsequent year from any of the Goal Categories or a new goal on motivating and supporting one of its business partners (e.g. suppliers) to join and successfully obtain the Wastewi$e Certificate.




Wastewi$e Label Guidebook
Wastewi$e Certificate Guidebook


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